Writer Ajolla Cole spends a night behind the turntables with fan-favorite DJ Omeezy to learn what it takes to thrive in the Las Vegas music scene

6:30 pm
Top Golf, MGM Grand
Las Vegas

It’s 6:30pm on a Thursday in Las Vegas. I’m at the highest peak of one of the city’s newest attractions, Top Golf at the MGM Grand. Ever been inside of a video game? Me neither, but I’d imagine Top Golf comes pretty close. I’m awaiting DJ Omeezy, he’s due at 7 p.m., and I have to admit – I’m excited.

7:03 pm
The Introduction

Immediately two things stand out to me about Omar Williams aka DJ Omeezy; He’s not at all flashy, and he’s a complete gentleman. He arrives in a simple white tee, quilted gray sweats, and sneakers. He introduces himself by reaching out his hand, and after we exchange greetings we take a seat on the couches directly in front of the course.

As a writer, you learn everyone has their reservations about interviews. Some will come with a list of things not to ask, or questions they simply won’t answer. When I asked Omeezy if there was anything off limits he responded, “nothing,” without a second thought.

 7:48 pm
Back to the Beginning

“I used to throw parties. That’s part of what got me into Djing. After our parties my cousin and I would go over things and the one thing that was always consistent was the dissatisfaction with the music. We’d always think damn, for what we paid them I could have done it myself. So I decided I would.”

From what Omeezy describes the journey between deciding to Dj and actually becoming one is no simple task. It takes a lot of learning, listening, and personal strategy. One of Omeezy’s key rules of thumb is, “always want more women than men on the dance floor.” Why? “You always want to keep the women happy.”

It’s always about the ladies.


8:30 pm
The Circle

With the arrival of his friends at Top Golf, Omeezy’s vibe remains consistent, he’s still fun, he’s still cool and he’s still relaxed maybe even more so than before. They exchange words, and play a few rounds. Like Omeezy his friends are kind and open. They are supportive of his dreams and accomplishments, but are also working toward their own ambitions. Collectively they describe him as driven, humble, and passion, an overall philanthropist.

“You definitely have to have the right circle. When I was throwing parties, my circle was a little different from what it is now. I had to move on from people who just wanted to live off my dream and who wanted to stay exactly where they were. I wanted a lot more.”


9:46 pm
Unxommon Thursday

As usual it’s a cool and Unxcommon Thursday at Common Wealth. As I’m listening to the other Dj and waiting for Omeezy to arrive I wonder how much of a difference different Djs really make and I wonder if Omeezy will live up to the Dj hype i’ve heard.

11:00 pm
Omeezy arrival

For Omeezy, there are no pre-spin rituals. He literally just gets on and plays his set. But the shift in sound quickly becomes apparent not just to me but to the entire Commonwealth crowd. There is suddenly a total shift of energy in the building. People are up dancing and the room is becoming full. Omeezy becomes the party starter.

12:00 am
The marking of a true DJ

Believe the hype, only because it’s true. Omeezy isn’t just some well put together male with a macbook and a pair of overpriced headphones calling himself a DJ. Instead, he is an artist who understands and exceeds expectations. He’s a chameleon able to meet different people in the room and bring them together through music. This man had me dancing to Taylor Swift. I loathe Taylor Swift.

Tonight I got to see how much work it really takes to be a DJ. There is no set playlist, as he literally plays and mixes as he goes, and it’s all for the love and energy of the crowd. I lost count of how many people came up to him in appreciation, but what I could not forget was how diverse the different people were. From black, white, Latino to people from the UK, California, North Carolina, you name it, he reached them.

 2:00 am
*muffled music in the background*

There’s this art to djing. It’s not about what songs the hottest out or what your friends want to hear. It’s about knowing the crowd you’re playing for and being meticulous right down to the mili second of a beat count. In the words of Omeezy, “it’s not about me it’s about the music.”

In essence I think Omeezy is just that cool kid who believed in himself. Against all odds, doubts, or obstacles, he truly believes he can be anything, and because of that belief alone, he can.


Check out Omeezy on SoundCloud, or follow his Instagram for his latest updates.