There are these old, sad narratives that women can’t be both
intelligent and beautiful, both enlightening and funny, or simultaneously sexy and shy.

I know so many women who are not only all of these things but so much more. Insert recording aritst and writer, Zelly Vibes. Glancing at her Instagram you might mistake her for another Instagram model, flat tummy tea enthusiast, or any other self proclaimed insta-star with a following. She’s none of these. Instead, the songstress, best described as Queen of Positive Vibes, is just a bright light in a sometimes dark world. We recently sat down to discuss life as an artist, style, and what it really means to be a woman.

Zelly Vibes 1
Photography: Ryan Alexander

On the words that best describe her: 
“Songstress, Lover, Queen of Positive Vibes”

On having insecurities:
“My accent was definitely one of my insecurities early on. I came to this country when I was nine years old. With the transition from Spanish to English music it was hard for me to find my perfect fit. Little by little though, I’ve gotten more comfortable.”

On dealing with accusations of culture appropriation:
“I normally wear my hair in braids. The crazy thing about my hair is I have been going through a hair growth journey, and that is the reason I started wearing my hair in braids – because they are a protective style. I rock my braids with honor and respect. I know they originated from Africa, and I make sure not only to do my research, but also give credit where it is due.”

On the role her style plays in being an artist:
“I fought for the way I look now. Before I was very traditional – straight hair, just more conservative. People expect me to look nice and cute – to sit down and not talk about how I feel. Fuck that, thats not me.”

On her message to women:
“I just want women to bond, unify, and work together. Once we really embrace, respect, and push each other there will be no stopping us. Also ladies be who you are and own it, love yourself.”

On what she really wants people to know:

“If you want a blessing you have to be one. I just want people to get to know me. Where I come from, and that I’m here to promote respect, love and acceptance.”

While there’s no set date, she plans to release her mixtape by the end of the November. Until then follow her moves on Instagram, and check out her music on SoundCloud.

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