How Life Is Beautiful propelled me to change my life for the better.

My heart instantly recognizing and syncing with the welcoming thump of music as I walk through the gates? CheckPassing by enormous, bustling clusters of people as they point every which way, determining their next moves? CheckMy eyes undeniably fixating on the aesthetics of various, freshly-painted murals, and intricate art sculptures? Check.  

These are the things I believe we as music lovers and festival enthusiasts tend to search for when feeling out an environment. They were the things I took note of as I explored Life Is Beautiful this past September, my unconscious mind checking to see if the setting was up to par with the desired experience. The good vibes are what we go for after all, right?

It’s been over a week of recovery since Life Is Beautiful, and I almost feel as if this sole experience has left me with a permanent afterglow. 

The festival surely fulfilled my expectations – as it did for the many that have already jumped on purchasing pre-sale tickets for Life Is Beautiful 2017 (now sold out). But this time around it didn’t stop at just getting to see artists, and scarfing down bomb food. The fire of life inside me has transcended ever since the festival, and after taking time to look back and reflect I know why.

From the get-go, Life Is Beautiful embodies the idea that life itself is beautiful, and the purpose is to live out life transforming/acting upon your unique definition of beauty. As I was strode briskly from stage to stage, that idea was evident all around me. I couldn’t get over how many spontaneous acts of kindness   witnessed that seemed to create a ripple effect amongst everyone. Things as little as yelling out “HEY, NICE SHIRT” to the guy decked out in Rick & Morty gear would gain the attention of others passing by, prompting them to spew out compliments as well!

On day 3 of Life Is Beautiful, I was handed a card from someone passing by me at the food trucks. In bold letters it read, “Hello. Thank you for being FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!” A smile grew on my face as the bottom of the card continued, “Pass it to the next beautiful person you see.”  I handed it to a girl that I spotted alone walking in the opposite direction. Shortly after I turned around to see her waving and shouting, “Wow, thank you!!”

If we saw more examples of this in our everyday lives, who’s to say we wouldn’t cause a ripple effect that extends throughout the world?

If we just weren’t so afraid of starting conversations, or so paranoid of society, or so engrossed in our personal business to notice the details – maybe then we’d mold our reality to see this beauty manifesting in our lives more often.  

I was deeply inspired to take that extra step in positively impacting my environment. A simple observation at a music festival bestowed a brighter light on my perception of humans and the world as we know it. We are vessels purely carrying transferrable energy. We each are capable of making an influence — and it is that realization of our intrinsic power as being part of mankind that makes this generation indestructible. As you coast in the beauty that is life remember that the subtlest acts of good combine to generate something greater. I sure always will.

What life-changing moments have you had at music festivals?
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