Unxommon is a Las Vegas-based digital destination highlighting
the up-coming creatives contributing to the culture of Las Vegas.

Who We Are:

We’re photographers, writers, bloggers, videographers, influencers, stylist, and overall creatives. We’re Las Vegas locals, many of us born & raised here, and we’re all invested in cultivating the culture of  Las Vegas. We love this damn city, and the people in it are low-key (okay, high-key) cool as hell. We wanted to create a place to highlight all the people working their asses off to make Las Vegas extraordinary.

What We Offer:

We’re all about telling people’s stories and promoting experiences.
Check out the site on any given day and you’ll see interviews with
up-and-coming creatives, videos recapping dope events, local
entrepreneurs sharing glimpses into their routine, features on cool
shit happening in the city, updates on pop culture in Las Vegas, and more.

What we Believe:

Living an Unxommon life is more than just being different, 
It’s about having the courage to live the life you desire. 

We are the self-chosen.
We are the group who never stopped dreaming.

Dancing on the cliffs of chance and uncertainty,
we are the ones who held hands and screamed, “Jump!” 

We fly high on the truth that we’ll either sore above the clouds,
or have one hell of a story to tell about the journey back to solid ground.

It’s our imagination that keeps us pushing forward,
because creativity is imagination, and imagination is for us all.

We are the constant evolution in a world that promotes normality. 

Manifesto: Jelan Kendrick


unxommon started out as a night that millennials enjoyed at a swanky bar this sparked an idea that young creatives needed a place to be heard and appreciated not long after unxommon was started focusing on Las Vegas culture and we never looked back.