Las Vegas is full of underground events, culture and inspiring people and if you like to party create and be apart of something special this is the place for you.

Well the millennials at least lol. Understanding that we are in our prime and  we often look at Las Vegas’ culture and feel as if we don’t fit into a lot of the scenery that is around us. Often forcing ourselves to fit in because face it, we just want to be young and do hood rat things with our friends. Now don’t get me wrong the strip is a fun place and great for people watching but, it can be a hassle at times (especially with the new pay to park scam they have going on). Well we say save the hassle sometimes and  just want to find fun with a lot of people our age enjoying music and loving life. No lines, No cover and definitely no drinks for 20+ bucks a pop. If you are looking for a wide range of fun no matter your mood well you have come to the right place thats what we are all about here at unxommonvegas