Get a look inside Vegas rave culture – baby masks, hula hoops, and all

Being 20 years old and in the stage of life when you’re “legal but not legal,” I’m normally stuck going to dull all-ages club events. This year, I was exposed to EDM culture, which is liberating and expressive, and it’s been booming through the streets of Downtown. You will feel like you’re part of a new secret movement, and that’s exactly what I experienced at a JAMNation party held in a warehouse on Main Street.

It makes you feel as if you are part of something and then you dance until you drop. I recall immediately loving the vibe of the place just because the entrance stands behind one of my favorite thrift stores, Buffalo Exchange.

Once you enter the main room where the DJ spins, you almost instantly ask yourself, “Who in their right mind could withstand this trapped heat for even a minute?” But you look around and the answer is obvious: everyone. I learned quickly that once you’re out on the floor in rave culture, everyone is granted the freedom to be wacky, wild and out of control, without judgment or restraint.

Inside the warehouse, find dudes in baby-face masks doing backflips as the roaring crowd cheers for the Snap. Girls do captivating tricks with their LED hula hoops, strangers wearing rave gloves put on a show.

I couldn’t believe that people brought batons and ribbons for some twirling action, just like classic ’90s ravers would. I was certainly captivated, even during breaks, when I’d sit on the couch conveniently placed in the back corner. I had a view of the lights projecting random shapes on the opposite wall.

It was clear, in that brief moment, that body language speaks volumes at parties like this. You start your own movement with your body and people are able to share that feeling of camaraderie by letting loose.


Las Vegas has more culture to offer than you think. Beyond the Strip, a whole new generation is determined to amp up the culture, and restructure the word “fun” in this city. You’ll know what I mean when you join an event like this. See you at the next one.

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