DJ Prenup is making waves in DTLV.

After a successful year spinning in venues all across Vegas, Prenup secured a spot in Life is Beautiful’s 2016 DJ lineup, where he spun for a crowd of over 200,000 attendees.We sat down with Kyle Broyard to discuss how he broke into the music scene, the over-saturation of his industry, and where he hopes to spin next.

Authors: Ajolla Cole, Zauni Tanil / Photos: Ryan Alexander

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How’d you get your start?

Prenup: Around spring 2011 I started playing around with basic mixing. They had free programs online so it was like – why not? Back then I’d gotten into EDM, so EDM was my mixing thing. I got this idea after seeing Project X to do a Project X style mix so I used almost every song on the soundtrack, and it kind of blew up for me then. It started as a hobby that kind of took me to the next level. I was just fucking around at fist, but in 2013 I really started investing and getting equipment.

His love for music and knack for DJ is embedded in his genes, something he didn’t realize until recently.

When I got my first turntable I told my dad, and he said, “I used to be cool in the 80s.” I thought he as joking, but he really used to DJ in the 80s. When the 1200s came out (it was the top tier actual turntable) he took a whole paycheck, went to the audio store, and bought two of them. He was serious about it, and he did this thing. He worked with cool people – grandmaster flash, Egyptian lover, he was good.

You DJ both on The Strip as well as Downtown, but you seem to have a special love for DTLV. How’d you start DJing downtown?

My first gig downtown was a theme party at Vanguard in March 2015. Bad Antics got me in there, and a few times after that too. At that time I didn’t care about getting paid, I just wanted the exposure. I just wanted to DJ. It’s still the case now. I mean the money is great yeah, but if I didn’t have that mentality then, and was just focused on money I wouldn’t have gotten the experience and exposure. I wouldn’t have been able to meet the people I have.

You’ve played at amazing venues such as Vangaurd, Beauty Bar, and Rock Bar at Planet Hollywood – do you still get nervous?

I still get nervous, especially if it’s something new. Consistency is the key to getting past it, though. My first few gigs at Vanguard – I was scared, scared, scared. The more I did it, the more I got comfortable with the atmosphere. From there I got into developing how I would do opening sets for DJs on Fridays and Saturdays, or how I would try to get clientele in on Thursdays when it’s a dead night.

When I branched over to DJing at Beauty Bar, thanks to Bad Antics, being in that new environment I was scared shitless. The crowd there is different than Vanguard, but DJing there a few times I got comfortable.

Is there ever a concern for the over-saturation of DJs in Vegas?

Initially my mindset was, “oh man everyone wants to be a DJ.” I won’t call it a stigma, but the more this lifestyle engulfed me, the more I realized how many of my friends are DJs. It’s a nice size compilation so there is that feeling at times, but ultimately I feel like everyone has their own quirk to it. I don’t try to imitate anyone’s style; I try to have a different mindset of how I want to drop certain tracks.

It was one of my biggest fears [over-saturation] especially because when I started there was a huge EDM scene in Vegas, but I think it’s changing to evolve with the new generation. Musically everyone’s learning to broaden their horizons, so it’s not so much strictly EDM anymore,

Do you find the network of DJs here welcoming; have you been able to make lasting connections?

Well Josh, DJ ParaDice, has been my mentor. I noticed him DJing at one of our fraternity’s parties and I thought it was cool. Once I started gaining more interest in being a DJ I started to follow him to see how he did it. I’ve met a lot of people thanks to Josh. – DJ bad antics, Cousin Chadd, Soul Cutz, Green, Soucio, Pdot. He’s helped me get into the door to where I am now. I’ve only been Djing downtown for about a year and a half, and to me the expansion that’s happened with this lifestyle is phenomenal.

What’s the ultimate goal?

That’s a question I’ve been battling with forever. The way I see it, it’s definitely a hobby that I feel has taken off. I’m going to try to get the most out of it that I can. I’m a guy that likes to have backup plans though, which is good so if it doesn’t work out I can have something else to fall back on. My short/long-term goal is to DJ at pools. I want to DJ at Rehab at Hard Rock; that’s the next step I want to advance to.

Regardless though, I’ve made a promise to myself that whatever happens, this has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. That’s why I have the tattoo “live, love, music”

Last year you were watching Life is Beautiful, and this year you were apart of the DJ lineup. How did it feel to go from the crowd to the stage in less than a year?

It was nerve-racking. It’s all very weird. When it was presented to me I was like, “why is this a question?! Of course I want to do this!” I didn’t care what day, what time, it didn’t matter. I mean this whole festival thing…I played at Life is Beautiful. *smiles* That’s fucking crazy.

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