Joshua Hunter, aka DJ ParaDice stays busy. Whether it’s spinning on the Strip, Downtown, in the Bahamas, or at a UNLV party, he’s always working on his craft. It’s brought him some pretty dope opportunities; most recently a spot in Life is Beautiful’s 2016 DJ Lineup – an experience he says is “kind of cool, kind of dope, and a feeling words just can’t describe.”

Whether you’re a Vegas local who frequents DTLV, or just in town spending the weekend on the strip, you’ll probably find him spinning somewhere near by – so here’s 6 things you should know about Vegas’s very own ParaDice.

1. He started DJing for his fraternity

“My first gig was this back to school thing at my fraternity. I’d been DJing for 3 months and my fraternity let me DJ the event. First it was my fraternity then it was others, and sororities would hit me up to do their formals and stuff. At first I sucked, I wasn’t really that good compared to how I am now, but doing all those fraternity parties helped me develop my style.”

2. He’s got love for UNLV

“I definitely have a strong connection with UNLV. School just started three weeks ago, and within those first two weeks I DJ’d on campus for some event every day except two days. I graduated, and UNLV still hits me up. [for events]. I got some stickers made with both my logo and UNLV’s log because I do so much with them. I still do my fraternity events, too.”

3. Jazz is an orgasm for his ears

“When I was in high school I was a big fan of jazz music. I was always listening to vocal jazz or trying to go to jazz shows. On the way home after a long gig now, or especially a super loud gig, I listen to real jazz. It’s like a massage for my ears. I like to listen late at night because that’s when they play the most relaxing stuff.”

4. Managing requests can be a bitch

“It’s still something that I kind of struggle with and am trying to figure out. You might be rocking a party, and you’ll either get a request that’s really good or that’s not so great. If you play it and it kills the party you’re like, ‘damn why’d I listen to that one person!” But a lot of time you might think, ‘this might be a bad request’, but you play it, and people go crazy. I’d say reading the room is very important; it’s funny because you’re kind of stereotyping people, but in DJing it’s kind of allowed because you want to play the right music for them.”

5. He gave DJ Prenup his name

“I actually wanted to be DJ Prenup, but my girlfriend at the time and my mom were like “um, no.” I don’t remember exactly how it came up, it might have been that Kanye West song “We want prenup, we want prenup.” I liked Prenup, I was like “oh that sounds cool.” I liked it, but my mom and girlfriend weren’t having it.”

He later went on to suggest the name to Kyle Broyard, who cites Josh as his mentor.


6. He’s all about that #jetlife

“I don’t think there’s ever really an end goal [with DJing], but I feel like I can say I’ve made it when I play a big event here in Vegas, and then fly to New York and DJ a big event there, and then go to Europe to DJ there. If I’m able to travel to multiple places and DJ that’d be pretty cool. This summer I got to DJ in the Bahamas and then in Mexico. Now that I can say I’m an international DJ that’s cool. I want to DJ in hella different cities”


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